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Blister packaging


Your tablets or capsules in blister packaging? Blister packs consist of two layers of material between which vacuum-formed ‘vesicles’ are formed. Your capsules or tablets are processed in these blisters. This is possible in different sizes, materials and colours. SKEL Supplements is happy to assist you in this process. We also advise you on the right method for your dietary supplement, animal supplement or private label supplement.

Outsource the entire production process? This is also possible at SKEL Supplements. We process your substances into powders or granules, encapsulate or tablet them and then process them in a blister pack . This way you can be sure that all process steps are connected to each other. For example, some supplement ingredients do not mix with certain materials or processing techniques. 

What are the benefits of blistering your dietary supplements?

Blister pack benefits

What are the benefits of blister packs compared to tablets or capsules without blister packaging? You can consider going through the extra production step, blistering, after encapsulating or tableting, for various reasons. We highlight a few for you.


  • Stackable packaging

Blister packs are logistically very convenient. Tablets or capsules soon end up in larger jars. This works differently with blister packs. Scanning and stacking rectangular, flat boxes is easier than with round, high yars. The distribution of these boxes is therefore easier and cheaper.

  • Fits through the letterbox

The flat blister packs have another great advantage: they fit through the letterbox. This makes sending (pet) food supplements to customers cheaper and easier. Moreover, no one has to be at home for the receipt of the package.

  • Unique look

Blistering your supplements also brings commercial benefits. Some companies opt for the blister pack because of a reliable, luxurious appearance. The cardboard box therefore looks very different from, for example, a plastic jar with tablets. It also brings back other opportunities for branding because you can print on the entire box. 

  • Longer shelf life

The last, but perhaps most valuable advantage is in the vacuum packaging. Blistering capsules or tablets means that they can last longer and are very easy to squeeze out of the packaging. This extra production step helps prevent waste in the future. In addition, you protect the supplements from external influences, such as moisture.

Blister with different materialsblister pack

Do you have ideas about desired blister materials? SKEL Supplements offers many possibilities in materials. For example, there are blister packs made of PVC or aluminum, or a combination of both. But there are more possibilities. Let us know what you prefer and we will determine together the possibilities.

Please note that it is not possible to use aluminum for the blister pack in all cases. The active substances in certain blister tablets may have undesirable reactions with this material. We are happy to think about this with you. 

Your preferred format

At SKEL Supplements, we always try to meet the size requirements of our customers. Blister is possible with all sizes of capsules and tablets. There are also several options in terms of “layout” of the blister. 

Smaller blister quantities?

It is not always possible to blister smaller print runs. The production process, machine setup costs and material costs do not allow this in situations. During a no-obligation conversation we are happy to discuss the possibilities .

Encapsulation, tablet and blister

SKEL Supplements takes your entire production process off your hands: from granulation to blistering. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know what we are talking about. After encapsulating and tablet, we pack your supplements in the way you want. We are therefore happy to advise you on the different options of materials and production techniques for your supplement. If blistering seems like a good option to you, we would be happy to advise you further.

Make blister packaging with your own logo

Will your supplement be available in the store or will you be selling it via your own website? Whatever your plans, marketing and branding are necessary. What should your blister packaging radiate to the customer? We print blister packs entirely according to your wishes. For example, we process your logo, house style colors and product information.

Are you curious about the blister options for your product, are you still unsure or do you have other questions about blistering? SKEL Supplements likes to think along with you. Without obligation feel free to contact us and one of our in-house specialists will get in touch.