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Filling powders and granulates

filling powder granulatesDo you have any supplements or herbal mixtures that you would like to have packed ? Instead of powders to encapsulate or to tablet, SKEL Supplements could also directly fill in your desired packaging form. This can be, for example, a jar with tablets, but also a smaller loose package such as a sachet.

SKEL Supplements takes the entire production process off your hands: from granulate of your supplement to labeling your packaging. As a result, we work from 1,000 packages depending on the packaging form.

But why not further process your supplements into a tablet, capsule or powder? There are many advantages to this. We would like to tell you more below.

Advantages of filling granules without further processing

Direct powder packing means that you have loose packaging that is filled with your (herbal) powder or granulate . For example, consumers can use a spoon to take your supplement or open and empty smaller, loose containers. What are the benefits of this?

It is cheaper

Filling powder brings clear financial benefits. To encapsulate or tablet a powder an extra production step is required. If you package the powder directly, these production processes will disappear completely.

Dosage freedom

With some supplements, the dosage depends on the consumer. Powders offer more freedom in dosage. They are easier to weigh than tablets and capsules, because they are already packaged in a predetermined quantity.

Sometimes further processing is not necessary

Capsules , blisters and tablets extend the life of your supplements. They also protect your herbal mixtures or granules against external influences. But what if your supplement do not need this protection? Then simply filling your powders will probably be fine.

Processing supplements in food

Is the intention that consumers process your supplement in their diet? Then filling powder without further processing is the best option. Processing your supplement in the meal or, for example, a smoothie works best in powder form. Do your supplement ingredients need to bind to moisture? Then mixing a scoop of powder with water is the simplest option.

Faster absorption of your supplement

After ingesting a powder, the body has to do less work to absorb the substances. It works differently for capsules. It then takes a while for the supplements to be released in the body, because the capsule must first melt away. Do you want to achieve immediate results? Then packing powder directly is certainly not a bad idea.

packing powderPowder filling of all supplement for human or animal use

SKEL Supplements works with nutritional supplements for both humans and animals. We process all possible supplements, but can also fill herbs. Where necessary, we think along with you about the specific recipe. Certain supplements require a specific packaging method. We are happy to advise you. Feel free to contact one of our specialists for tailor-made advice.

From recipe to granulate in the desired packaging

Do you want to fill powder? Then you supply us with the already produced powder, or you share the ideas regarding the composition of the supplement. Where necessary, we are happy to think along with you about the complete development of your supplement, including the associated packaging. Would you like to pack your supplement as a powder, but does it currently have a different substance? Most substances can be processed into a powder.

Packing powder with batch number and expiration date

If desired, we provide your filled supplement packaging with a label. We may include a batch number and expiry date on this label. This helps you to comply with the guidelines and gives your consumer guidance regarding the usability of your product.

In addition to the label, we provide your packaging with the desired branding. For example, think of typical colors or a logo. Because there are many different powder packaging, it is wise to contact us for more information.

Filling powder: different batch quantities possible

We fill powders (granules) and herbs in many different packaging forms. The minimum batch quantity depends on the packaging form. Contact usand we will be happy to help you develop your unique supplement!