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encoding dietary supplementsEncoding of your product packaging has several advantages. An unique batch number on every package makes your food supplements easier to trace. It also brings new possibilities.

Each of your packaging can have a different QR code. This provides opportunities for various interesting promotions or posting additional information on a website to which the QR code refers. In today’s modern time, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can consult this information. Additional is a batch number or EXP/ expiration date of course always useful. Not only for you, but also for your customer or consumer.

Do you want yourend product to be encoded? SKEL Supplements not only takes care of the production and packaging of your supplements, we can also code labels or print promotional codes.

Barcodes on your packaging

Packaging encoding with barcodes is very useful, mainly in shops. Do you need barcodes for your dietary supplements? Then also a European Article Number ( EAN ) is required. This is the number that is normally stated below the barcode. This gives each unique product its own identification. We are happy to help and advise you on the necessary steps towards an EAN.

batch number encoding expiration date

Encoding labels with batch numbers

With a batch number you can trace all steps of the production process, including the used materials and raw materials used and the storage conditions. This is extremely useful, especially when something eventually turns out to be wrong and the product has to be recalled. Which saves a lot of time and unnecessary costs and provides the necessary security. Batch numbers often go together with an expiration date. Through a best before date statement, the consumer and you know exactly when the shelf life is about to expire and the product is ultimately no longer in good condition.

Encoding packaging with promotional codes

Do you know the promotional codes on supermarket packaging, for example? Consumers enter a code online and see immediately whether they have won or not. A nice giveaway makes your packaging unique and often increases sales, because consumers have an extra reason for purchasing your product.

Have food supplements encoded?

SKEL Supplements runs your entire production process, including mixing your ingredients, the tablet or encapsulate your supplements, and the packaging and distribution of your end product. We encode your packaging during the packaging process with a expity date (best before date), batch number or another code. Are you interested in this or are you curious about the possibilities? For all your questions you can contactour specialists. Printing codes is basically possible for any packaging.