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Storage and stockmanagement

storage supplementsDo you have stock of nutritional supplements, or raw materials, and you need a safe storage ? SKEL Supplements features a conditioned warehouse . We are happy to store your products in our conditioned warehouse. This way you can be sure that they are safe in our in our warehouse. Buying and maintaining an additional storage area is then no longer necessary.

Are you interested in our conditioned storage? Then our storage location is very suitable. Without obligation feel free to contact us for more information. In addition to outsourcing the storage and management of your nutritional supplements, we also take care of the production process for many customers.

Have you decided to have nutritional supplements produced by us? In that case, it is certainly wise to use our storage options. This gives us direct access to the necessary raw materials for the production you require. Is your production ready? Even then, storage and even distribution is possible by SKEL Supplements.

Conditioned storage for your raw materials

It is vital that your raw materials and supplements are stored properly. In winter you want to prevent freezing and in summer it should not get too hot. A constant temperature is therefore necessary for longer preservation of your products. Storing your raw materials in a conditioned storage space is therefore ideal.

SKEL Supplements has such a conditioned storage. Within this space the temperature will not be lower than 15 and not higher than 25 degrees Celsius. Such an environment is best suited for the safe storage of your raw materials and finished product .

We store all raw materials and end products that are customary within our industry. Think of raw materials, excipients, herbal mixtures, blister packs and granulate capsules or tablets with food supplements.

We are happy to think along with you in this regard. So feel free to contact us to inquire about the exact storage options for your raw materials, packaging and supplements .

Storage and production in one

Conditioned storage Brabant Zeeland

SKEL Supplements offers options for taking care of the entire production process of your (animal) food supplements. If desired, we compose your supplement, package it and provide the packaging and llabel. Also the distribution of your supplement we can take care for you. Would you like to have private label supplements produced by us? We take care of the storage of your raw materials, packaging and labels and that greatly simplifies the process .

By storing your goods with us, they remain safe and we have direct access to the necessary raw materials. This contributes to less handling and ultimately an efficient production process.

Do you also need storage and stockmanagement of the produced and packaged food supplements? That is of course no problem at all. After labeling your products, we keep them in our storage. We manage your stock and possibly take care of the distribution.

You decide which parts of your production and/or storage processes you outsource.

Temporarily storing food supplements

Although we manage your stock, you still own your own nutritional supplements. It is therefore always possible to store your food supplements elsewhere. Do you only need temporary storage space? We can also take care of that.

SKEL Supplements is happy to discuss the conditions and additional options for storage and management with you. Feel free to contact us. We always record conditions accurately, so that expectations are clear for you and ourselves.

Our experts are happy to advise you on the right storage

Some customers require additional assistance with the storage and management of raw materials or nutritional supplements. This is understandable, because how much do you need per raw material and what is a suitable method and term to store certain ingredients? How is the entry check arranged and are all substances provided with a certificate of origin?

SKEL Supplements has many years of experience in the production and distribution of various types of veterinary and humanitarian food supplements and herbal blends. So we know exactly what the right quantities and methods are for purchasing and storing different raw materials. In addition, we have a large stock of raw materials and we make various semi-finished products under our own management. You can also rest assured about this so feel free to contact us.