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distribution supplementsAre your (animal) food supplements ready for delivery? SKEL Supplements is also happy to assist you with this. We offer options for storage, stock management and distribution. This saves you a lot of time and logistical challenges.

We deliver your nutritional supplements to your end user or business customer on your behalf. Our experienced employees treat your products with great care. If desired, we also take responsibility for the entire production process.

Of course you determine the target group, product specifications and, for example, the layout of your packaging and labels. SKEL Supplements specializes in private label supplements. The possibilities in terms of labelling, colors and packaging types are endless.

For example, we distribute your jars with filled granules, tablets and capsules, but we also make and supply blister packs. If desired, SKEL Supplements produces your product and packaging fully customized.

Dropshipping nutritional supplements

The distribution of your food supplements is possible by drop shipment. Dropshipping, also known as ‘direct resale’, means that we process your customers’ orders. We, the producer of your supplements, then delivers your products directly to your customer on your behalf. We invoice to you and you invoice to your end customer.

Dropshipping is especially an ideal method for starting entrepreneurs. Where SKEL Supplements has sufficient storage space, starters often do not have large storage space or investment opportunities. In this case, but also for existing companies, the outsourcing of distribution brings great advantages. SKEL Supplements handles your products and shipments with great care .

Advantages of drop shipping

Why distributing your nutritional supplements by yourself? There are several advantages associated with drop shipment. If you outsource all production, storage and distribution processes to us, this will save you a lot of time and money. Below we list some advantages of dropshipping from nutritional supplements.

dropshipping supplementen

Save transportation costs

With drop shipment you quickly save on transport costs. Do you outsource the entire production process? Then transport of your product to a distribution center is no longer necessary. You order products directly from SKEL Supplements, which are made, stored and delivered by us to your end customer.

Focus on the fun part of your discipline

You want to market good nutritional supplements that actually benefit customers. You probably also want to convey a certain message with this. The more time you spend on administration, inventory and logistics, the less space you have for your actual business mission and sales activities.

Dropshipping is a solution here. This not only saves you time, but also costs in terms of space, inventory, logistics and personnel. No more worries about the delivery of your dietary supplements: they will reach your customers neatly and on time.

From raw material to distribution

A lot is involved in the composition and distribution of your dietary supplements. The target group is chosen, the packaging and the label are produced and the order picking has to be done correctly. And that is only a small part of the processes to be followed.

In the case of dropshipping, you will no longer run into this. We are happy to take care of your entire process: from raw material to distribution. SKEL Supplements only needs your target group, supplement composition or goal and additional wishes. From there we develop, together with you, a tailor-made supplement.

We then package your food supplements using one of our specialized methods and process your supplement mixtures to tablets or capsules , or fill your powders immediately in the desired packaging. There are also possibilities for blister packs.

Storage of supplements

After the supplement development and packaging, we provide storage options. Your entire production can often be left behind with us. We provide your packaging with a label and batch number. Do you have a new order coming through? Then you don’t have to do anything with this anymore.

Please ensure that your orders are forwarded to us immediately, and we can process them. Within a short time, your end customer will receive the correct nutritional supplements at the indicated delivery address. With this we also take your stock management off your hands.

Outsource the distribution of your nutritional supplements

Do you want to use our dropshipping options or just our distribution services for your nutritional supplements? Both are possible. It is entirely up to you to what extent you want to outsource these processes. Our skilled employees meet the high requirements for your product. We manage your nutritional supplements with extreme precision.

Do you have specific questions about the distribution options for your dietary supplements? For more information contact us. Even if you want to outsource the entire production process to us, we are happy to think along with you.