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Animal Supplements

Have pet food supplements made

In addition to human supplements for humans, SKEL Supplements also processes your animal supplements from beginning to end. Do you want a private label veterinary food supplement to be developed? We are happy to assist you with this. Tell us your desired composition and we will put together your supplement.

We take the entire production process off your hands. If desired, we can compile, produce, package, label, store and distribute your animal food supplements. Tableting and blistering of your animal supplements is also possible with us.

Have supplements made for pets

Making a veterinary dietary supplement is much the same as for human supplements. We take the work off your hands from the first design to production and packaging. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know well what the right composition is for the animal and your supplement. We ensure that your supplements meet all requirements.

Animal supplements manufacturer works with the highest quality requirements

Unlike medicines, dietary supplements do not have to meet established requirements in principle. Not for humans, but that also applies to animal supplements. As a result, ‘supplements’ can be made and sold that do not contain or do not contain sufficient active ingredients.

SKEL Supplements stands for supplements that actually benefit the user or consumer. That is why we ensure that your animal supplements also meet high standards. In this way we create a reliable product with a logical weight and composition with a guaranteed content of active ingredients.

By meeting strict requirements and checking them closely during the production process and in the end product, your customer has the guarantee that your animal supplements actually have the desired effect. In this way, the animals receive the required amount of active substances.

SKEL Supplements is maximally service-oriented

Do you want to have pet supplements made? All we need from you is the desired composition of your pet supplement and/or the purpose of your pet supplement. We will immediately start working on this.

We have many years of experience in putting together veterinary nutritional supplements. We are therefore happy to advise you in this regard. After mixing your supplement, we process it into liquids, gels or granulates. Also the tablet , blister and/or fill of your pet supplements is possible with us. And last but not least we label, code and package your pet food supplements.

Also large and small runs possible

Because SKEL Supplements takes care of the entire production process, smaller runs are also possible. Any desired print run can be discussed with us. Please rest assured about this contact usfor more information.

We have a lot of product development knowledge in house due to the many similar productions that we have developed and produced over many years. As a result, SKEL Supplements guarantees you an optimal pet food supplement .

Private label pet food supplements

SKEL Supplements is specialized in developing private label pet food supplements. Would you like to add your own logo or color to the packaging, or to your veterinary food supplement itself? Which can! We provide labels and blister packs with your own house style.

Are you curious about the exact options regarding print runs, formats, tablet shapes and additional private label options?

pet food supplements Private label

Have pet supplements made? We have all the knowledge in house

Do you want your own veterinary nutritional supplements put into the market? Our specialists can help you with every detail in the production process. We know what your customer expects from you, which supplement mixtures work best and what the benefits are of different types of packaging. If necessary, we also take care of the storage of your products. This simplifies your logistics work, especially when we also take care of the distribution

SKEL Supplements is a pet food supplement producer who will gladly help you to achieve the maximum achievable result. We are also happy to think along with you about private label options. Do you need advice or specific questions about your pet food supplement? Please feel free to contact us.