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Would you tablet your nutritional supplements? Producing tablets is possible with SKEL Supplements completely according to your wishes. The possibilities are endless: from small to large quantities and from blank tablets to different shapes and diameters. We work with supplements for both humans and animals.

SKEL Supplements is not only specialized in producing, packaging and coating tablets. We are happy to help you with the entire production process: from developing your recipe to blistering your tablets. Do you want to develop your own supplement? Then we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

How do we work and why should you choose to tablet your supplements?

Benefits of tableting

There are several options for processing your supplement powders into swallowable tablets. Producing Tablets is just one of them. For example, you can also have your supplement encapsulated. We are happy to explain to you why customers choose tabletting instead of encapsulating.

Add coating

By applying a harder outer layer it is possible to protect tablets from external influences and to make the tablet less vulnerable. This is called adding a coating

Add Fraction Slot

Do you also want to administer half tablets? Then the choice is quickly made. Tablets can be scored. As a result, the consumer easily breaks the tablet in two.

Easy to use for kids

This advantage is somewhat related to the previous one. Taking tablets is often more difficult for children and by breaking the tablet it can be beneficial in some cases when taking it.

Consumers find tablets easier to take

Swallowing tablets is not easy for everyone. Tablets are often experienced as more pleasant than capsules. Is the tablet a bit big? Then you can break it or bite it into pieces (if the taste allows it). This is not possible with capsules.

produce tablets

Producing tablets? Outsource the entire production process

Do you have an idea for a supplement tablet, but the development is not getting off the ground? SKEL Supplements supports you in every step of the production process. Together we discuss the options that suit your needs. For example, we think along with you when developing your recipe. We then process your final supplement into a powder.

The granulation of the desired substances, which is necessary for the producing of tablets, is usually quite possible. Feel free To contact us if you have specific questions about this.

After granulating, we tablet the supplements in the shape, size and edition you require. As soon as the tablets are ready, we may bring a tablets coating on. You can read more about this below. SKEL Supplements is also happy to help you with the packaging of tablets. Think about fillingof your supplement jars with tablets or process the tablets in a blister pack. Branding and colors are possible for both options.

Tablet coating: benefits and options

It is possible to have your tablets coated. Tablet coating has several functions. For example, the disadvantage of an uncoated tablet is the taste, the smell and the open exposure to moisture. A good coating obscures tastes and odors and protects the supplement better against external influences. This results in less oxidation. So the tablets stay good for longer period.

Additional a tablets coating makes your supplement easier to swallow due to a less rough surface. Are you looking for something special? Then a color coating is also an option. This gives your tablets a different color, making them more recognizable for the consumer.

Tableting from small to large batch quantities

The integration of the production process in one location and the possibility for rapid production scaling makes it possible for SKEL Supplements to produce even on a very small scale. In particular, this results in lower investments at the start and market introduction of a new product. We have taken this wish into account from the very first supplement development. But large batch quantities are also possible. Do you want to have tablets produced? Then you have come to the right place at SKEL Supplements.

All possible shapes and sizes are negotiableCoating tablets coating tablet

Do you have a specific size or shape in mind for your tablets? We almost always meet your wishes and are happy to discuss the options with you. Different color options are also negotiable by means of tablet coating. For information on shapes, sizes and colours feel free to contactus.

Our specialists will assist you

The possibilities and options for tableting your supplements depend on your wishes and the specific substances in your supplement. Do you want to produce tablets? Then contact us without any obligation. Contact our specialists to present your unique situation. We are happy to advise you!