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Labeling food supplementsAny European food supplement must be provided with a label. It states, for example, how the supplement should be taken and according to which dosage. The label clearly states what is in the package and what the purpose of the supplement is. There are European guidelines for this, that also apply to your labels. In Holland the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) carefully checks whether a company complies with the guidelines.

In addition to composing, producing and packaging food supplements, SKEL Supplements provides your packaging with a label. We do this completely in accordance with European legislation.

Because we are specialize in private label food supplements, we know better than anyone the great importance of the design of your label. Would you like to have special labels made? ‘Packaging design’ is one of the many services that SKEL Supplements offers.

Have a label made according to European regulations

That your label complies with the regulations is not only important because of the legislation. A good label contributes enormously to the trustworthiness of your product. Clear, transparent communication ultimately leads to consumer confidence and thus to higher turnover.

Are yournutritional supplements composed and produced by us? Then you can be sure that the supplements comply high demands.

Mentioning amounts of active substances in your supplement on the label therefore only works to your advantage. In fact, you may even outperform your competitor in this area. In this way, your label not only ensures reliability, but also a clear sales advantage .

Labeling nutritional supplements including dosage advice

Determining a dosage recommendation is important for you and for the consumer. Sometimes, however, this is difficult. You don’t want to make false promises and still sell a well-functioning supplement. If we compose your dietary supplement, we like to think along about the dosage recommendation and ultimate goal.

Is your supplement not produced by us? Even then we are happy to help with your label. In addition to the supplement composition and purpose of your product, we also discuss the use and dosage advice with you if necessary. This is how we put the ideal label together. It is also possible to adjust or upgrade an existing recipe.

Have a label designed according to your corporate identity

Don’t have a label design yet? At SKEL Supplements you can have labels made with your own house style. We always design a label completely according to your wishes. We print a logo on this or use a specific corporate identity color.

Sometimes packaging is not standard available in the color or shape you want. Customizing packaging sometimes entails additional costs. Only incorporating your house style into a label is also attractive and a lot cheaper. The packaging matches your brand so much better, so that it is no longer necessary to adapt the entire packaging to your brand.

Different types of labels

SKEL Supplements has a extensive expertise in the field of developing and processing labels for food supplements. We are therefore happy to advise you in the choice of your label. We work with different types of labels. Which label you choose often depends on the packaging form and purpose of your supplement.

Some labels are paper, others plastic. Different dimensions and thicknesses are also possible. Multi-layer peel-off labels are often used when additional textual information is required. Finally are also biodegradable labels an option.

Would you like to completely outsource the label to us? That is of course no problem. We design and manufacture these completely under own management; then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Have original labels made

Have a label made regulations guidelines

Your dietary supplement label certainly doesn’t have to be boring. We provide your branded product with a professional, yet striking label. The possibilities within label manufacturing are greater than you think. As long as you continue to meet the guidelines, we are happy to experiment with different colors and prints.

If you outsource the entire production to us, we also provide your capsules or tablets of a certain color. Matching your capsule design to your label is a fun detail that will stick with your customers. This way you can make one whole of your food supplement packaging.

Have you approved the label? Then we manufacture your labels on rolls and process them on the packaging using our labeling machines. In the case of very small runs or special shapes, the manual application of labels is possible.

Labeling according to the highest quality requirements

Would you like to have a dietary supplement labeled? We have different options for every print run. For more information and specific questions please do not hesitate feel free to contactus.