have capsules madeAre you interested in encapsulating ? Before marketing a supplement, choose how your product should be processed. Do you want to isolate bad tastes or influence the absorption of the active ingredient? Then encapsulation can be a good idea. The layer of the capsule dissolves less quickly in the stomach and makes it easier to swallow due to the smooth structure.

Having powder encapsulated

Would you like to produce capsules ? SKEL Supplements is your production and packaging partner for nutritional supplements or other products that you want to market in capsule form. We work with gels, powders and granules, for both humans and animals. Capsules can be made with different types of capsules, in different materials, sizes and colours. Even specific branding is possible with us.

At SKEL Supplements, we strive to provide the highest quality, safest capsules for our customers. Are you curious about what we can do for you in this area? We are happy to tell you more about this.

Capping company that puts you first

Your requirements and wishes are our top priority. We are happy to think along with you about the encapsulation options and, where necessary, take over the entire production process. You supply us with your prescription, we then deliver the capsules.

SKEL Supplements offers you several advantages in the encapsulation process:

  • We work together with various laboratories, which means that we have the right knowledge for the analysis, production and encapsulation of your supplements;
  • Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to advise you about the encapsulation process and the type of capsule that suits your desired end product;
  • We offer a variety of branding options. If desired, we can even process your logo on the capsules.

Producing capsules using high quality production methods

In addition to your wishes, capsule quality is very important at SKEL Supplements. During the encapsulation process, we continuously take into account the food safety requirements and the guidelines of ISO and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). For this we use encapsulation machines from the absolute world leader. This way we not only guarantee high capsule quality, but also fast delivery.

Our machines work with different materials. We recommend different capsule materials for each application. This recommendation is very specific: please do not hesitate to contact us. Are you curious about the different materials we supply? You will find more about this under the heading “different types of capsules”.

produce capsulesDifferent types of capsules

The type of capsule depends on the material it is made of. At SKEL Supplements we can process your product in three types of capsules: HGC capsules, HPMC capsules and polymer capsules.

  • HGC capsules

The abbreviation HGC actually stands for hard gelatin capsules. You probably already know these capsules. They are hard capsules based on gelatin, in which often powders are measured. HGC capsules are widely used worldwide, certainly within the pharmaceutical industry. It is a reliable capsule that is still processed by us.

  • HPMC capsules

When we talk about HPMC capsules, we are actually talking about the material HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose or Hypromellose and it is derived from wood pulp. It is a viscoelastic polymer that is used, for example, in eye drops in addition to capsules. In fact, it is a successful alternative to animal gelatin (HGC capsules). In short: our HPMC capsules are completely vegan and also Koser and Halal certified.

  • Polymer Capsules

In addition to the HGC and HPMC capsules, we have capsules made from other polymers. With our expertise we are happy to advise you which capsule is most suitable for your application. For example, we can also fill polymer capsules with liquids.

Capsule sizes and runs

After determining your capsule material, we will discuss the capsule size. This largely depends on your desired dosages and the ingredients. We can also advise you on this. The most common and supplied sizes are size 000, size 00, size 0 and size 1. If you are not familiar with these sizes, please let us inform and advise you about it producing capsules .

Have capsules made with your own logo and colors

Finally, you determine the colors of your capsules yourself. Here the possibilities are endless. It is even possible to provide the capsules with your own text or logo. If you can’t quite figure it out, use this one online capsule builder. Allows you to configure the capsule as desired.

Do you have questions about our encapsulation options or would you like to discuss the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.. Of course it is also possible to request samples without obligation.