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Co-packing supplements

Storage & management


Are you looking for a co-packer for your nutritional supplements? If desired, SKEL Supplements takes responsibility for the entire packaging process of your products. Do you want to outsource only part of this process? That is also possible.

We package raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Your food supplements are packaged in the quantity you require, in a unique private label packaging. Also very large or small editions are possible. If necessary, we provide your own label with a batch number and best before date.

SKEL Supplements offers various packaging services for your nutritional supplements. We may also take the entire production process off your hands. Also for example storage and management and distribution you can contact us.

Co-packing from the Netherlands: our packaging services

SKEL Supplements provides you with full or partial packaging, entirely according to your wishes. In addition to the packaging itself, we also label, code and distribute packaging. Below you will find the co-packing services that we offer you.


Of course, the packaging itself is one of the services that SKEL Supplements offers you. We often co-pack food supplements in glass and plastic jars, letterbox packaging, blister packaging or seal bags. Personalized ideas are also very welcome. Also we pack your raw materials or semi-finished products. This way they last longer and they are more easily to transport.


Every European food supplement has a label. The rules and guidelines for this label are laid down by law. Have your packaging coded by SKEL Supplements? Then your labels certainly meet the guidelines and standard requirements for foods. Through years of experience we are specialized in legislation and regulations around your dietary supplement. As a packaging partner, we are happy to advise you on this.


In addition to packaging and labeling, we encode your packaging with a batch number and expiration date. Logistically, such codes are useful for retrieving a batch. In addition, other encoding is also possible. For example, do you want a barcode or promotional code on your packaging? Be sure to check out and inquire the options.

Storage and management

Even if you do not outsource the production of your food supplements to us, you may need (temporary) storage for your raw materials or finished products. Storage and stockmanagement is one of the services we offer. SKEL Supplements has a conditioned warehouse (15° – 25°C) in which your products are safely stored, or if necessary cooled at 0 -5°C. Moreover, this saves time and effort when you want to have products packaged by us.


What about delivery to your customer? From our warehouse, we distribute and send your products directly to the right locations. This is possible for both business and private customers. You also hand over stock management to us. Our employees are very skilled and experienced in stock management: so feel free to leave the entire distribution to us. After order-picking, we package your products and send them to your end-user through drop-shipment delivery.

Looking for a packaging partner?

Do you want to have raw materials, semi-finished products or food supplements packed, repackaged, labelled, coded, stored and/or distributed? We are happy to advise you on the right packaging options for your end product. We also offer this extensive private label options. Perhaps you have special packaging requirements for your corporate identity? Usually there is more possible than you think.

Do you not only want to have your products packed, but also want to leave the entire production to us? Do you outsource the entire process? Then you will save a lot of time and money. You also have no more worries about logistical inconveniences .

Contact us if you have any questions about our packaging services. We like to help you. Even if you do not know what your wishes are yet, our highly experienced experts are happy to assist you.