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Herbal Formulas

Herbal FormulasIn addition to nutritional supplements, SKEL Supplements also processes and packs herbal formulas. These are often, for example, preparations for phytotherapy or orthomolecular preparations. Would you fill herbs , leave herbs to blend or both? We are happy to take the entire production process off your hands.

SKEL Supplements works with both dry herbal extracts. These we pack in many different ways. The type of packaging depends on the use, the type of herbs and your wishes. We are happy to advise you on the correct methods for making and packaging your herbal formula .

From mixing herbs to packaging herbs

SKEL Supplements processes your herbs in any desired edition. This is possible because we take the entire production process off your hands. With us you can also have the herbs mixed and have herbal formulas made . We are happy to think along with you about the content of your herbal mixture.

We then process your herbal mixture where necessary into a powder, drink or other hydrophilic concentrate. We are also happy to help you with the packaging of your herbs. We fill your herbs in the packaging of your choice. Do you want to have it processed into tablets, encapsulate and/or blister first? That too is possible. Finally, we label and code your packaging and it is ready for sale.

Have herbs filled

You can simply leave a dry extract to be filled. If you opt for this, we will immediately fill the desired type of packaging with your herbal extract. This could be a yar, tray, bag or, for example, a bottle. All kinds of formats are possible. In most cases we can meet your needs. Because these wishes are very personal, we recommend to contact our specialists to discuss the possibilities.

Herbal filling is especially beneficial if the herbal mixture is taken directly in powder or liquid form. This is the case, for example, with tea extracts or drinkable syrups. Moreover, filling herbs is cheaper than when you have the mixtures capped or tableted first.

mix herbsPacking herbs in capsules

Would you like to have your herbs packaged in capsules or tablets? Then that is of course also possible. SKEL Supplements is specialized in, among other things, encapsulate. We do this not only for nutritional supplements, but also for herbal mixtures. As we try to do this without excipients, in some cases this might require some additives. We are happy to think along with you about which substances go well with your herbal mixture.

Packing your herbs in capsules has several advantages. First of all, your herbal mixture in capsule form is well protected against moisture and other external influences. In addition, it ensures a more gradual absorption of the herbs and they are easier to dose. For example, with a loose powder, the consumer weighs the amount himself. Capsules immediately contain the right dose.

We also offer options for personalizing your capsules. Different colors are available and we can easily print your logo on the capsule. This immediately gives it a different, professional look. Do you work with a liquid herbal extract? Even then, capsules are a good option in cases.

Packing herbs in tablets

Do you want herbs in another form, but rather no capsules? Then you can also leave the herbal mixtures tableting. SKEL Supplements binds your herbal powders from solids to tablets. This can be done in different shapes, editions and formats. A herbal tablet often needs more excipients than a herbal capsule.

For example, you can opt for tableting herbal mixtures because of the usage and dosage benefits. Swallowing herbal tablets is experienced by many people as more pleasant than capsules. SKEL Supplements can also advise you on this. Where necessary, we add a so-called ‘break line’ to your tablets. Breaking the tablets makes dosing easier.

Herbal tablets or capsules in afilling herbs packing blister pack

Do you opt for a tablet or capsule form? Then a blister pack is an additional option. Your herbal pills are then vacuum packed between two layers of material, such as PVC or aluminum. A big advantage of packaging your herbs in a blister is that boxes with blisters easily fit through the letterbox. The shipping costs are therefore lower and the consumer does not have to stay at home to receive your product. This makes it a lot more accessible.

Have herbs made, filled and packed? Ask for the possibilities

SKEL Supplements offers you several options for making, packaging and filling your herbal formulas. Thanks to our experience, we know how to advise you about the best options for your herbal extract. We are also happy to tell you more about the advantages of different packaging options. This depends entirely on your wishes.

Do you want to have herbal formulas made, mixed herbs, filled or packaged herbs? Please feel free to contact us for more information. You can also contact us with questions about your specific situation.