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Packaging food supplements

packaging food supplementsSKEL Supplements packs your raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in the desired packaging. Need a nutritional supplement to be made? If desired, we can pack this for you. We ensure that not only your product itself, but also your packaging meets the legal requirements.

Not sure which packaging is the right one? With our many years of packaging experience, we are happy to advise you. In this way, your packaging not only meets the legal requirements, but is immediately ready for production. We know exactly which packaging suits with the different raw materials of your food supplements.

We offer you a wide variety packaging forms. This goes from big jars up to little seal bags or sachets in different materials. Do you want to package semi-finished products or powder? Then be sure to ask about the possibilities. We often come up with beautiful private label packaging together with the customer.

High Quality Wholesale Packaging

For SKEL Supplements it does not matter whether you want to pack a large or small edition. Whether it concerns your raw materials, semi-finished or finished products: we are at home in all markets. The final packaging depends entirely on your personal wishes. Whichever jar, box or bag you choose, we always ensure that your packaging meets the highest quality requirements.

Shouldn’t your food supplements, herbal mixtures or cosmetic products get damp? Protecting your products is one of our many qualities. You will also receive these very high-quality packaging from us in any desired edition. We usually make sure that your packaging is mass-producible. This reduces production costs.

Letterbox packaging in different shapes

letterbox packaging food supplements

Are you considering having your products repacked to a letterbox packaging ? That’s certainly not a bad idea. A letterbox packaging fits – yes – through the letterbox. This often brings great benefits.

Lower shipping costs

The shipping of letterbox packaging is cheaper. That means an advantage for you, but also for the consumer. As a result, the purchase threshold is much lower. In addition, your buyer does not have to be at home to receive it. That makes delivery easier. Also, less packaging remains ‘floating’ with the carrier and you have more satisfied customers.

More space on the label

When we receive your packaging label, we ensure that your labels meet the legal requirements. For example, we include a dosage recommendation with your product. Unfortunately, a solid label often takes up quite a bit of space. Not every packaging is suitable for a large and clear label. On certain packaging, such as with some jars, there is little space left. The situation is different with letterbox packaging. It is possible to use a larger label with more space. Are you curious about the options for your packaging? Please feel free to contact us.

No standard packaging

You can distinguish yourself with letterbox packaging. Instead of blister packaging, you can also have jars made in letterbox format. These are often flat, plastic packaging that distinguish themselves nicely from the standard round jar with powders, capsules or tablets. You can also contact us with other, unique ideas.

Packaging with a professional look

Packaging your products immediately gives them a professional look. That is ideal for sales and marketing purposes. But your packaging also serves to protect your products. In this way, your raw material or end product is not only safely packed, but it also has a longer shelf life. Do you have a specific packaging issue? We are happy to solve this for you. Please feel free to discuss this Contact one of our packaging specialists.

From jars, tubes to blister packs: the benefits

SKEL Supplements works with different packaging types. We notice that certain products are often combined with certain packaging. For example, we often pack powder in jars , but also in seal bags or sachets. A jar container is also very suitable for tablets, capsules and cosmetics, for example.

In addition to jars of different types of materials, shapes and sizes, we also offer others packaging forms. One of these species is the blister pack : your product is then processed in a kind of bubbles wrap (blisters) between two layers of material. In addition, bulk packaging is also possible, for example.

In short: we package your product according to your wishes.

Private label packaging

SKEL Supplements is specialized in developing, producing and packaging private label nutritional supplements. Of course, if desired, we can also provide your supplement packaging with your own house style. We produce your packaging materials in the shapes and colors you require, so that they perfectly match your brand.

Our private label options can be applied to any type of packaging. There are also various options for the label. For example, we provide this with your logo. Are you curious about the packaging options for your raw materials, semi-finished products or end products? We are happy to provide you with more information. For this you can rest assured. Feel free to contact us.