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Private label supplements

private label supplementsAre you looking for a partner to produce your own supplement line? SKEL Supplements relieves customers of the development, production and packaging of private label nutritional supplements and, for example, powders, creams and ointments. We do this for both human and veterinary applications.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, we know exactly what the right ingredients, production methods and packaging options are for your private label supplement. We are also happy to meet your specific wishes. You decide for yourself to what extent you outsource the process to us.

We have a broad team of specialists in our companies who can advise you perfectly in the field of: private label supplements. Would you like to have supplements made? We like to help you. It does not matter whether you want to market just one own brand of supplement, or a complete line.

You keep the process in your own hands. Outsource the development, production and packaging design to our specialists, or carry out certain parts in-house: for example, supply your own packaging.

Have you had supplements produced and packaged by us? We can also take care of the storage and distribution for you.

Release your own supplement line

Publishing your own supplement is a dream for many companies. This is absolutely possible for you too. SKEL Supplements is happy to develop the ideal end product for your customer or target group together with you. With our knowledge we assist you during the entire production and packaging process. If necessary, you can also outsource the storage and distribution to us.

We produce your capsules , tablets or powders completely according to your house style. SKEL Supplements, for example, provides capsules with your brand colors and logo. Do you have specific wishes in terms of colour, shape or size? Your private label supplements are produced completely according to your wishes.

We then connect these end products perfectly to your supplement packaging, by printing the packaging itself or the label. Our packaging is available in different versions, but customized packaging is also possible. Please ask for the possibilities. We like to think along with you.

Extensive order control with dropshipping production

Are you planning to have your private label supplements produced by us and distribute through drop shipping? We process your orders professionally and quickly. Thanks to an extensive order intake and control, your end product arrives at your customer without errors and on time. Our order intake and production looks like this:

  1. Composition Control

Every product starts with a specific recipe. Before we proceed to production, we perform another composition check. Is the prescription specification and dosage correct? Then we deliver the raw materials or semi-finished products from stock or find the right supplier for this.

  1. Entry control raw materials

The raw materials are also extensively checked. We only purchase raw materials with the correct certifications, from approved suppliers. We also work with an extensive entry check: all raw materials are checked again for quality and certification upon receipt. Together with one of our collaborating laboratories, we perform an additional raw material analysis if desired.

  1. Batch preparation protocol

Getting the actual supplements made is the next step. Your raw materials are sieved if necessary and mixed to a homogeneous mixture. We perform checks again. First of all, your raw materials are weighed and registered exactly, according to the batch preparation protocol. The batch number is leading here. Is the mixture ready? Then we check it again based on the recipe weight.

  1. Process mixture into private label supplements

A mixture alone is often not enough. Many brands bring cosmetics and nutritional supplements to the market based on, for example tablets , capsules , powders or creams. SKEL Supplements is also happy to arrange this for you. Private label applications are also possible with the various processing options. For example, we make capsules in your house style colours, or tablets with a logo. So are the nutritional supplements of your own brand recognizable from a distance.

  1. Packaging private label supplements

As the last step of its own supplement line, the products are wrapped up. For example in pots, cardboard boxes, special letterbox packaging or seal bags. Again, the options are endless here. Would you like to have a private label supplement packaging made to measure? That is not an issue for SKEL Supplements either.

  1. Labeling and coding

Before the supplements are distributed, they are provided with a label. We ensure that the labels of your products meet the legal standards. It is also possible to add promotional codes, for example. Feel free Contact up for the possibilities.

Eigen supplementenlijnPrivate label supplements with nondisclosure agreement

SKEL Supplements understands that you don’t want to make the unique, private label supplements public until the actual product launch. Privacy is therefore of paramount importance to us. That is why, if desired, we work with a confidentiality statement and a co-manufacturing agreement. We always agree with you what the mutual expectations are.

So you don’t have to worry about your brand new product or product packaging leaking out unexpectedly. We will of course discuss the specific agreements with you in detail in advance.

Producer of nutritional supplements with broad expertise

SKEL Supplements has several, specialized employees who make the production of your private label supplements a success. We have years of experience in the design and product development of natural, organic supplements. All our productions meet the highest quality requirements.

For the development of your own supplement line we only use high-quality, natural raw materials. We also have broad knowledge about the legislation surrounding your product. SKEL Supplements helps you develop responsible composition, dosage, claims, labeling and packaging.

Because we take care of the entire production process, different production runs are possible. We easily scale up your production batch to a product development in larger runs.

private label cosmetics

Why do you choose private label supplements?

There are several reasons to market your own supplement line. First of all, your private label line is fully tailored to the needs of your target group or application. It is also possible to create a unique composition especially for you.

So: do you want to have a new product developed according to a personal recipe, or would you like to adapt or improve an existing recipe? Then developing private label supplements is the best choice.

Looking for a private label producer of food supplements?

SKEL Supplements offers countless options for tailoring the end product you want. We also welcome specific wishes or questions. We are happy to look at the possibilities with you. For example, we create our own supplement line that perfectly matches the wishes of yourself and your customers.

Contact us if you have any questions about the development of private label products for humans or animals. Our specialists will gladly assist you.