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Private Label Natural Cosmetics

private label cosmeticsWith your own cosmetics product or entire product line, quality is of paramount importance. Do you want a private label product or a line naturalcare products developed ? Or are you looking for an upgrade of your natural care products according to the latest developments? At SKEL Supplements you are at the right place.

Thanks to our wide range and personal approach, you are assured of a manufacturer in natural cosmetics that offers suitable options. We like to think along with you and strive for the highest quality, beautiful and natural products. In other words, a result you can be proud of!

Natural care products

SKEL Supplements develops and produces organic cosmetics which are made of natural ingredients. These are cosmetic products for both external and internal use. When using externally, consider facial care, hair care and skin care . Products such as mouthwashes and nutritional supplements are suitable for internal use.

For all categories natural care products SKEL offers a wide range of possibilities. In the field of facial care, we develop and produce day creams, night creams, eye creams, scrubs, peels, face washes, lotions, balms, various oils and gels.

All skin care products are developed completely according to your wishes and are custom made. For example, we offer the possibility to include additives such as vitamins in the product and we produce natural cosmetics for specific target groups with skin complaints. The optional additions and specification of products also apply to hair care, body care and other cosmetic products.

Dietary supplements are available in different variants: we offer both regular supplements for human use and animal supplements. The different production options and substances for natural food supplements consist of tableting, encapsulating, blistering, powders, granules and herbal formulas.

Quality is of great importance and that is why each supplement is developed at a pharmacy level. Our team of pharmacists and other qualified employees each have their own specialization. As a result, they form a team that only strives for the very best product.

Our natural care formula becomes your brand

Developing the perfect composition is an important first step towards your natural product. That is why, together with you, we look at various factors such as the purpose of the care product, its composition, the smell, density, viscosity and shelf life. SKEL takes the entire production process off your hands, while your personal wishes remain guaranteed.

Thanks to our specialization in raw materials and herbs, many care products have now been developed and used. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the industry and the collaboration with our colleague companies, our specialists know exactly what it takes to develop a high-quality, organic cosmetic product.

When it comes to the quantity of products, you also have a wide choice. From a small edition we are able to scale up quickly and flexibly to larger production numbers. Both starting cosmetic companies and larger companies can contact us. When the demand for your natural cosmetic product grows strongly, we can scale up smoothly to the desired quantities.

Of course, matters such as legal requirements, certification and any quality marks that the end product must meet also play a major role in the development process. We have the necessary knowledge and experience for this. This way you are assured of a solid cosmetic product and a smooth production process. We are happy to take on the challenge of achieving the most natural end result possible together with you!

Wholesale of cosmetic packaging

Cosmetics packaging.Natural beauty spa product concept.Mock-up.In addition to the content, the packaging of natural cosmetics is very important. Packaging and labeling your natural cosmetic products instantly gives them a professional look. This is ideal for sales and marketing purposes, but in the meantime solid packaging also ensures protection and a better shelf life of the care product.

Cosmetic packaging serves several purposes: they provide information, determine the appearance of the product, protect the product and extend the shelf life. All information about the product is provided on the label of the packaging, in the house style of the brand off course.

Just like the packaging, the label must also meet the legal requirements. For example the information about the ingredients, contra-indications, instructions for use, storage advice and more. As a wholesale of cosmetic packaging we ensure that your natural cosmetic products meet all requirements and can enter the market completely safely.

The packaging options are almost endless and we offer a multitude of packaging options. For example, you can choose from a jar, tube, squeeze bottle, spray bottle, sample packaging and more. Shape and format are both adapted to your product, while we take into account aesthetics and functionality.

The ideal packaging combines form and function. For packaging you can choose from different materials, such as glass and plastic. Each material has different properties that suit the use, the target group and the content in a different way. We are therefore happy to discuss the options with you, so that you can make a choice that best suits the end product.

Do you have a specific question about packaging? For example, are you unsure whether a packaging is suitable for the way in which it is used, or do you want new, innovative packaging? We are happy to solve these issues and more for you. SKEL has everything it takes to provide you with comprehensive advice and answer your question. Our specialists are happy to assist you.

Your manufacturer for organic cosmetics

Manufacturer organic cosmetics

At SKEL Supplements we are happy to take care of all your worries and take care of the entire development and production of your organic, natural cosmetics. Involvement is paramount at SKEL: your vision and our expertise together form the product. Our natural cosmetics specialists have the right advice for every part of the production, and the choice remains with you.

We supervise the production from start to finish, but it is also possible to outsource part of the production process. Think of the formulation of the product, the packaging, or how to make a product organic and the choice of ingredients. Do you have an idea or concept that you want to develop further and can you use help with that? With SKEL Supplements as a manufacturer you have an expert and experienced partner.

Whatever your product wish or issue is, we are happy to think along with you. Our specialists are happy to help you! Take it without obligation Contactus.